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  1. @Mandragorean you would think with such a long nation history of getting your ass kicked you could tell a shity way to fight when you see one such as aikido that shit is completely worthless and if you ever pull of a move then its probably a judo throw

  2. @jamdunker123 please 20 years in the serbian military is like 2 months in the boy scouts except the boy scouts can at least march in a strait line….

  3. @jamdunker123 1. go back to 1st or 2nd grade and learn how to spell. 2. then go see a psychotherapist for some medication, and then read the bible, quran, Torah etc. then after all of that you can insult people.

    i don’t care what part of the world your from racism is unacceptable. You are trash.

  4. This self-defense technique is incredible since you yourself do not have to use many offensive attacks to incapacitate the enemy.

  5. @EpicTrollMaster

    I am Biochemist right now so if I take up acting, I automatically lose my knowledge in Biochemistry and become an “actor”? Is that your theory?

    Long before Jet Li or Bruce Lee became “actors”, they were fighters. Jet was a national Wushu Champion who trained a bit with the Shaolin Monks; Bruce was just a straight-up trouble-maker, street fighter before he competed in various martial art tournaments. Steven is from a branch of Aikido where the graduation test is a 3vs1 brawl.

  6. @Mustakrakiish PAHAHAHAHAHAH go suck anal fluids u musilm bastard. Kill a few children and wifes pahahahahahaha u crack me up I am not even going to argue with u ( I am fen tired of doing the same shit )apart from one point yes in Serbia everybody that is a male over 20 has to serve in military.Have fun trying to dis people u insecure slut.

  7. @jamdunker123 correction 1000 years of getting fucked up by every country with a population count of over ten… turkey, germany, rome, austria, hungary to name afew and btw just because you can run around killing afew muslum women and children doesent make you an ex- military badass

  8. @Mustakrakiish HAHAAHHAHHAHA search up where these boys are from u dip shit they are from a little country called Serbia….. fucken 1000 years of constant war until this very date (Yugoslavian war that devastated the whole Balkan and turned brother against brother is the most recent one ) , everybody is ex-military, and there is no niggervile there but a local mafia is just around the corner. But beside the point that Easter Europeans are completely mountain men they are practicing aikido

  9. @Mustakrakiish

    There is no black neighbourhood in Serbia. We’re all white 🙂 Well, apart from a few hundred tourists 😛

    And REAL in the name is name of the style. Like traditional aikido, this one is real aikido. Its called real as applicable techniques were taken from aikido and mixxed with ju jutsu and judo, to create a modern fighting system for the street.

  10. how is it real if hes they are there for the purpose of you making these shity videos? go to harlem or south central or wutever your locan niggerville is and try these shity moves and see how long until ur on the ground bleeding and some crackhead his stomping on ur head

  11. @EpicTrollMaster dude everything that you say is wrong. jet li has been practicing wushu long before he became an actor. wushu is a type of kung fu. capoeira is also dancing but i dont see people beating anderson silva. bruce lee created jeet kune do.

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