25 thoughts on “Steven Segal Kicking real life ASS! Aikido Martial Art”

  1. @pimpdalyrical running at each other with ur hands out so the other guy can grab it. almost every ma out there has vid of them in real competition and this one dosent, wonder y that is? oh yea “it’s too dangerous to do that and plus that not the point” blah blah blah. heard it all b4

  2. @ImThat1Guy2010
    Sure you are “Champ.” Funny how many martial arts masters You meet in anonymous Youtube chats.
    I can only tell you I know more about Aikido than you, and apparently more about defending yourself inrela life instead of sport. I was a Marine, and I faced hand to hand combat you can’t lose or tap out of.
    If you actually took aikido there would be no question in your mind over it’s intended use and techniques for multiple armed attackers. That’s day one stuff, liar.

  3. @pimpdalyrical and who would win a straight akido student or someone studying multiple martials arts and who would win would depend on speed,agility,concentration,has nothing to do with whos stronger or who trains harder its whos more focused your up here talking like you know everything but yet probably never took a martial art or even got a black belt in 1 style

  4. @pimpdalyrical idiot I took it for 5 years and Im a 17 time champ including nationals in 2007 mixed martial arts meaning mma isnt a fight style it’s a combined fighting style that can contain anything from akido to judo to bjj=brazilian ju-jitsu boxing kickboxing any type of martial art and now days just about every1 in mma has took akido because it helps better your awareness think faster on situation and it betters your deff and shows how to use anything u can against your opp in ur advantage

  5. @lucky5th2
    It’s called “randori” numbnuts, multiple opponent drill, and we do it all the time. Hundreds of videos on here of it.
    Depending on level, it can be up to four people, empty handed or carrying Bokken, jo, or tanto. Every “Attack” you see in an aikido class is based on how the human body can wield a weapon. That’s why there’s little punching and kicking. Try doing a little homework before posting next time, then you won’t look like such a loser.

  6. @Goukimessatsu2 Exactly. It’s funny how people talk a bunch of shit over the net because they know they can and nothing will happen to them if they do, but when it comes to real life, I doubt they would even go up to Steven Segal and look him in the face.

  7. the trick is not to attack 1 individually… but attack all at once 🙂 in a real battle that is but steven pretty kick ass 😀

  8. @pimpdalyrical as long as they come at u one at a time with there weapons, right? i would love to see a vid of u defeating multiple armed attackers that have knives and bats or any aikido “master” for that matter.

  9. Dude he trains Anderson Silva, Steven is definitely for real. For the dumbasses that say he doesn’t know anything. I guarantee you one thing. those who talk shit behind their computer screens wouldn’t try him if he were up close in person out of fear that he actually might be able to whip ass.

  10. For those of you that mention ninjitsu and it’s poisoning and zarabatana warfare….MMA type combats is based on a “empty hand” engagement…
    Although this video is impressive, I’d like to see Mr Segal rolling some, not only standing….It does seems choreographed a bit….Still his fan though…

  11. @lucky5th2
    Throw a mere pocket knife into any fight with a Sport fighter, and their whole game is fucked. Unless you’re training for the unexpected and life threatening, instead of how to manipulate the rules of an artificial sport situation, your training is severely lacking.
    Yes, Aikido can teach you how to survive multiple armed attackers, that’s the point. If you think MA is all about compensating for a small dick and punching people, you seriously need to pull your head out of your ass.

  12. @pimpdalyrical lunatic huh? cuz all “mmaer’s” lay on the grnd? go f@#k urself. try and talk like ur better then everyone and impartial yet you say aikidoka can stand up to multiple ppl with bats and knives. put the bong down

  13. @kurisutokaochan You will love it soon enough…..once you start to get his philosophy you will get his sickness he he he…..Good luck and stay focus to your training!!!
    Have a nice one

  14. I recently started studying Aikido. Compared to other martial arts I’ve studied, it seems to be particularly useful–especially if someone decides to attack you by just sticking his arm out and charging right towards you.

  15. @thomasalanmac There’s no need to be an authority on aikido to tell that there is no “real life ass kicking” going on in this video.

  16. @pimpdalyrical That was one of the most intelligent comments here on Youtube about martial arts I’ve read in a long time….bravo sir.

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