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Shudokan Aikido demonstration. Sensei Ken Robson (Chief Instructor) 7th Degree Black Belt Sensei Andy Cannon 2nd Degree Black Belt Shudokan Aikido is based on the Yoshinkan style of aikido as taught to the Tokyo Special Riot Police. Yoshinkan was founded by Shioda Kancho who was a principle student of Ueshiba O Sensei, the founder of aikido. As an effective form of self defence, Aikido is taught to police and military worldwide.

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  1. What I found it demonstrates well is the ability to control the attacker (a comitted attacker) and direct his movement. The slow mo really makes it easier to understand the concept of using the attacker’s energy and power if thats makes sense.
    about time I found myslef a Dojo. Any recomendations for a dojo In the London area?

  2. Cool video! I’ve only just joined an Aikido class a few weeks ago and am already loving it soooo much! And this video is a good inspiration to keep going and practice hard!! 🙂

  3. I train at Sensei Ken’s dojo and I’ve watched this video countless times and each time it inspires me just as much as the time before. I’m really proud to be a student at his school.

  4. I am very sorry, I realised after commenting on this video, that infact it is Sensei Ken Robson in this video, please forgive me ?, I was so taken by this video that I was focusing on Sensei, rather than the written info ! sorry again :O(

  5. This is extremely powerful , very tangible powerful energy coming through in this video… absolutely brilliant. I have much respect and admiration. PLease can you tell me , is this Soke Master Eddie Stratton in this demo ?. Thank you so much for sharing this video.

  6. Exactly. I’ve trained in Aiki-Jujitsu for ten years, and the same principles apply. the first things you learn are how to fall, land safely, roll and flip. Aiki-based martial arts depend on joint manipulations, evasion and blending to take the initiative. If you don’t know how to deal with that, then you’re going to end up with torn ligaments, dislocated limbs and broken bones.

    Shudokan is a great, Yoshinkan based style and it’s a pleasure to see Robson Sensei at work.

  7. Here is an observation I made: If the attacker didn’t know how to roll out of the throws, then he would have fell in such a way that he wouldn’t have been able to get up after the technique was executed.

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