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  1. What means “real” Aikido for these guys? That kind of violent aplications with a heavy metal song in background? How can people make such a distortion of this noble art? That is not “real” Aikido, that is not Aikido in anyway. That is just a lamentable slideshow of people who like violence.

  2. A zasto i Aikido i JJ? Samo Aikido vam nije dovoljan? 😉 Onda nesto nista radili kako treba… 😀

  3. I don’t understand something. Why do you all want learn martial arts for fighting? If you want fight, simple go to street and beat someone whit stone, baseball stick or simply shoot him if you wanna win!
    Martial arts are not for the street, people who train any of martial arts for long time and train whit heart and head know this!

  4. le aikido est un sport tres tres interessant a mon avis . je croix que cette lesson est tres bonne pour les personne de paix car la self defense qui est exposer dans ce film est un bonne technique ,et surtout grand merci a tous ceux qui on participer a la realisation de ce film !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s not so simple: “do aikido and it will work”… Fighting (or defending themselves) requires very simple techniques and a lot of training, gears on to avoid injuries and try against real resistence

  6. If u throw a strong punch at someone and he pulls ure arm towards him and does a Munetski trust u will come with him 🙂 ive experienced it allot when i didnt practice Aikido. Disarming, and even simple wristlocks work trust me they do, prolly u only took few lessons or something and just went to something else and compared, how big is the chance that u will encounter a Muay Thai artist? or a Judoka. Aikido is effective people just wont believe it.

  7. @JHRMS the point isn’t the effect of an ikkio, nikkio, sankyo, shionage, irimi, kokyunage or whatever when you stay there to wait for them, is the lack of real training against resistence. so aikidokas don’t have real effectiveness to apply their techniques in fighting

  8. How come its fake? Just cus they make jumps when they turn their wrist. Oh id love to u see u just standing while somebody performs a Munetski Kotegaeshi on you! Or a Sankyo. Go to your local gym/Aikido place and ask their sensei to perform a Munetski Kotegaeshi on you while u keep standing. 🙂

  9. for everyone:

  10. i also agree, but slideshows can be nice with good music .. but i understand what you mean when you expect a movie.

  11. ahh my brain is goign to implode, wont people stop posting slideshows on youtube? its more annoyign than people clawing a wall of chalk

  12. its only pictures, how about a video? and why have a song that starts with USA when both are japanese martial arts?

  13. Xman,
    Though O’Sensei was not a proponent of permanently damaging someone, or seriously harming them, you have to keep in mind that AiKiDo was derived from several martial arts that did have that intent.
    When he was younger, and fighting for his life, he was likely far less concerned about the damage he inflicted, and it wasn’t until later in his years that he devoted himself to the less lethal practice of the art.
    Your right about the balance though. Their posture was not very good.

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