25 thoughts on “Myanmar Aikido – ukemi practice”

  1. Ukemi is not doing for pavement or concrete.. Its for aikido practioner to safely backfall or break fall..

  2. elegant display, will be exploring it more myself and teaching it in class. Looks reminiscent of Donovan Waite Sensei.


  3. buena la tecnica de caida es mas eficiente al levantarse gracias a la inercia del moviniento circular del cuerpo

  4. Adorei este video, e ´principalmente a técnica do sensei em demonstrar com cair, maravilhoso ver este video

  5. The very beginning one, I used to do it as a kid. I think it was called the “Teddy bear roll” back then though. Silly PE teachers 😛

  6. Sure, I’m happy to share what little I know and my own experiences. Private message sent, this comment character count is annoying.

  7. I mean the part when he places his arm inversely sideways.
    It just seems to me as if the shoulder would take far too much weight that way. I just tried it and really don’t get the intention of the exercise.

    But you are probably right. I have only studied Kobayashi Aikido up to now.
    Could you maybe explain though?

  8. are you talking about the beginning part, when he’s rolling sideways?I think its just a beginning exercise, a progression to get to the high falls. As for commonality, I don’t think there is a common way to take ukemi. Donovan Waite and his students take ukemi in a similar manner, as do some Japanese university students i’ve trained with. One of Stefan Stenudd’s students takes ukemi like this. And Ellis Amdur promotes a more sideways, across the shoulder blades type of ukemi

  9. I know, but he also begins from that position.
    And it doesn’t seem like he is pausing.

    Not to mention that he leans on his shoulder in such a strange manner.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but that seems veeeery uncommon.

  10. its a demonstration. I don’t think the “sitting like a toddler” part is a required aspect of his ukemi technique, he’s just pausing. with such quiet, low impact ukemi its pretty easy to quickly get back to your feet

  11. How is that Ukemi? I have never seen this before and I highly doubt that this could simply be explained by difference in style…
    Where is the point sitting like a toddler in the end?
    I might be wrong, but that doesn’t strike me as Aikido…

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