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25 thoughts on “MARTIAL ARTS HARD STYLE”

  1. This guy punches like a fairy. He has never really hit anyone before & it is obvious. As an fellow aikidoka, I like his demo but his punches make him look like a fool & a ballet artist.

  2. I don’t see why its frowned upon to adapt a martial arts any way you want. it kinda how every martial arts was you know.. created.

  3. @holyman668 not really new but very awesome! Comon traditionalist cant we get along you like traditional and we like hard style big woop!

  4. Steven Seagal would be proud of this new aikido adapting to street fights look at Steven Seagal he has taken many martial arts and combined them into street fighting but to take 1 martial art and adapt it to street fights, now that’s impressive!

  5. Traditional Aikido is more like a philosophical ideal. Good for your inner peace.

    But that wont help much when you are confronted by a knob head.

    This does what it says on the tin!

  6. @francrom78

    You are incorrect. Aikido is used to protect yourself and others, never for direct attack.

  7. Every martial art is an ART OF WAR. So keep that in mind when you go out to the streets to show if you can defense your self. If you wanna dance, doi it. But if what you want to do is fight, fight hard,

  8. @bigdags22 Speaking of “Art” ? Art? Wtf? It is “Martial” dude. I just lol this. I cant imagine you with a brush on your hand painting face of guys which you are being punched till dead.

  9. @lttlebighrn

    True he would not like the Aikido of today, but this day and age is different. We have so much violence and stuff that this martial art sort of had to adapt.

  10. @realaikiboy I agree completely. Aikido is, first and foremost a martial art. Not some self-indulgent, fluffy, supposedly “meaningful” facsimile of what it once was. So much AIkido today is just unrealistic posturing. Those aikidoka who say that it must be “spiritual” totally miss the point of studying a shugyo where peace is attained through long term tempering in a stressful, challenging environment and not one where it always works. Too many want the instant “sprituality” without the effort.

  11. oh listen to all the aikido traditionalists just because this is done in a hard way which will work on the street instead of their pathetic soft dances they do. this is the way aikido should be done in the video this guy is prepared for the street and i seriously doubt any of you pathetic aikido traditionalist could handle yourself in the street.

  12. @garyfox89 In my opinion, Hapkido and Aikido are quite different. In Hapkido, we incorporate Judo throws and take downs. We also have a wide range of fist, knee and elbo strikes (and some kicks).

    Granted, haveing never fought an Aikido practitioner, I can’t speak from experiance.

  13. @fuzzymanpeach323 lol i don’t think he meant to slap it, i just think uke had a weak grip on it

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