24 thoughts on “Martial Arts Death Touch”

  1. @GracieKiller Yeah you should probably disable comments for this video because over 85% of the comments are hate comments and hate comments really just piss me off

  2. @bubblebangbang In traditional martial arts the family is that of the founder of the art which is of oriental descent. And even then it would be a stretch for that grand master to show the dim mok, and outsiders are not grand masters only that of the family are allowed to be grand masters

  3. @Tomzinator How do you figure? I Mean IT doesnt rly make much of a difference. A “Fat guy” could kick a Musle mans butt If he’s trained 🙂

  4. @Tomzinator lol you dont have to have bulging muscles to prove that you are good at martial arts, you can be extremely fast and not have much muscle. check it out!

  5. I really hate fat martial artists, only muscular/tough Martial artists are true martial artists because it shows that they have been training alot.

  6. if he says that strong people dont get affected by this,
    why are is students so fu**ing weak?????? F-A-K-E!!!!!

  7. full blown jackass!!! That’s the biggest bullshit ever. There are such things as sensitive areas that can cause disruption in the nerves but, you have to hit them with extreme accuracy and unparalled power to cause someone to fall out completely! What a crock of shit!

  8. What they didn’t mention is that the Jiu-Jitsu students beat the shit out of him, and then he ran home crying.

  9. he should fight Emilinienko. it’s interesting but we never see this kind of people in a real fight. do you know why??? they” re all a bunch of liers. !!!

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