25 thoughts on “Kids Aikido”

  1. @fightjapanrc hey, wouldn’t you want to Live Life Longer?…

    wouldn’t you want to save your kids from a pedophile? or from another stupid guy that just does stupid things?…. hey, if you don’t want kids to learn this type of self defense, maybe you are one of those who like to chase little kids…

    in the end we all end up dieing, yes, but think about it…

  2. @fightjapanrc
    What’s the point of “not” doing anything, at least you will feel useful in society by doing than being lazy!

  3. My Sensi tells stories during our training and most of us are adults =D

    Its adds a bit of fun to our training.

  4. its not abut the strenght they could take you down easier than you tink! believe it or not. also if you want to become good at anything you start from a young age so by the time they are 16,17 they will be extremley good

  5. What is the point of doing anything. In the end we all die. This is a central spiritual question. There is not guarantees in this existence . That is the point of faith and spirituality.-to make one’s peace with the fundamental inconvenience of existence! I

  6. what the point in teaching little kids martial arts, they still woulnt be able to take sombody 6’2

  7. Oh yeah, lots of places. Can be really expensive though. Check with any local Community Colleges or adult education centers near you, they would probably have cheaper classes, and teachers who do it because they love it, not for the money.

  8. lucky for me I started my aikido at 6 and have been gonig for 7years, otherwise i’d be getting my ass wooped in Highschool right now.

  9. This is aikido, what he teached to the children shown here is the aikido principle. Which is the hardcore essence of aikido.

  10. nice vid. I want All who have Good videos be my friends…..If you have great videos add me like a friend 😀

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