Deadly Aikido

I,ve been sick of certain people dissin aikido so I made this Now I don’t do aikido but I respect It Wow, 104000 views this video is doing better than I Thought and make sure to check out my channel and view my “Deadly” series! Oh and rude comments will be removed!

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  1. the greatest warrior is the one who can win a fight without even fighting: meaning take the sympathy of your enemy

  2. Well, I practice Aikido, and I can say that it’s not a martial art meant for killing. Sure, there are many techniques where you can do a simple twist and break bones. But that is not what it’s meant for. Aikido is an martial art meant for self defense, and strictly self defense.

  3. @frost1416 Boxing is a category. You’re basically making the claim that “wrestling” isn’t a martial art.
    Are you telling me that Muay Thai isn’t a martial art?
    As for “generic” western boxing, it has ancient roots in Grecian games and is (at its core) as much of a legitimate martial art as any. The specific way it has been commercialized is unfortunate, but does not negate it as an art.

  4. @anbu022809 i know. people are so ignorant. im sick of people talking shit about it when they know nothing about aikido. if they only knew.

  5. Why did you decide to use a song form the Final Fantasy series in this? Just wondering. 😛 Nice footage collection

  6. @anbu022809 how long does it take to be a black belt? and how is your reaction time, at least on these videos, deadly like a fuckin’ cheetah!

  7. ow shit steven segal…nice .and i respect all martial arts i like how its all just takedowns throws kicks or punches but its cool to see that they make there own movement with it…like kung fu came from buddha or mr darma from india and from there meny other forms wear made from the temple each with its own movement

  8. @anbu022809
    I agree it is an art of peace. But it is an art of warriors too! It comes directly from the knowlegde of Samurai warriors, and our strenght may not be something easy to see or understand, but I surely feel like a warrior at heart. Being a warrior to me, has nothing to do to have the need to show it to everyone. “If you are able, it will become obvious” This is my opinion as 10+ Aikido practicioner and Jodan. Beautiful video, btw.

  9. aikido is one of the most effective offensive and defensive fighting arts cause you learn how to move with momentum…how to go the way with nature instead of meeting force with force, u just make the force and momentum of your opponent work in your favor so who ever disses aikido is a lil youtube troll thats trying to b tough

  10. i could never disrespect any form of martal arts and mostly not aikido it has taught me disaplin and has helped me with everyday life in the sense that each day is a gift a book i would recommend reading is Book of Five Rings great book

  11. @cyberkotatsu damn right. I take aikido and I know what martial arts are like since I have firsthand experience.

  12. I’ve been in my far share of scraps on the street & hav a twin bro who used to beat the crap out of me (he once got into a bar fight in Bougainville – Papua New Ghinni,they’re all hard men,life long gorilla solders & the bar was full of them,he walked out of that bar virtually unscathed)
    Anyway,I hav a small Aikido friend who,at that time,had never been in a fight & he very quickly had me by the arm,leading me around like a dog
    Very degrading & yet funny experience
    The soft Arts r harder to read

  13. make no mistake aikido is dangeros. the guys might be falling acrobatically but if they dont then they face breaking the wrist, elbows and shoulders. its a very effective and dangerous

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