25 thoughts on “American Combat Sport Challenge”

  1. ignore what everyone else says you are totally legit
    please sign for fights with the most skilled pros in your local scene, talk shit to him if he doesn’t respect you he’ll definitely sign then, why waste time in the small shit just cut to the top.

  2. Outstanding, if you’re surious (which I highly doubt you are for the simple reason that no one on youtube has had the balls to back themselves up) the number to the front desk is 215-386-3333. Tell the receptionist you’re interested in meeting Sharkey for a sparring match. He works there so he’ll be available all day, and for the rest of the week too. If you’re not serious may I suggest keeping your mouth shut unless you’re willing to fight when calling a fighter out. Its for your own good.

  3. You’re from Norristown? As in PA? As in just outside Philly, my city? Why don’t you come on down and show the Sensie and his top student how much THEY suck? I’m for real. Show them how its done. Contact information and location is presented in the begining of the two new videos. Any questions on scheduling an appointment just hit me up. I’d be happy to arrange something between you.

  4. This is very horrible!
    You guys need to join a real MMA academy not Bs like you’re doin now. Horrible Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA…

  5. If this is not a joke, you should all just give up grappling and fighting all together, then promptly kill yourselves… This is embarrassing. Please come to a ring near me!

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