Aikikai Aikido Shodan Music: “Aikido” by Roy Dean available through iTunes on the album “Sound of the Way: Music for Martial Arts.” First degree blackbelt test in Aikikai Aikido, under Julio Toribio, 5th dan. Gratitude to Sergei Merkushev, Ken Blaylock, and Sensei Toribio for the fantastic ukemi. Circa 1999.

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25 thoughts on “Aikikai Aikido Shodan”

  1. Woah…I really need to get myself going if I’m to learn this O.o (going to a aikido school this simester)

  2. Now thats real Aikido! That realy was great to watch, you can wear the (funny plack pants) with pride. Your technique was very clean and clear for a big man, well done i say, i loved it!

  3. Excelente examen! Yo rendí el negro hace un año, pero me da verguenza recordarlo pues, no cumplí con mi conviccción de hacer las cosas de la única forma aceptable ( hacerlas bien )
    Así que, gracias por este video!

  4. @Delmo67

    Depends on how much time you dedicate to it, like most art. I’ve been studying for a year and a half now and I have my shodan test at the end of the month. 🙂

  5. @Delmo67 At my dojo we have a certain minimum amount of classes you have to attend and then test for the rank. I think it’s all in accordance to how Aikikai set it up. Depending on how often you practice, I think seven years is a realistic number. Some do it quicker, but most 1kyu at my dojo have been at it for six years.

  6. Could anyone enlighten me as to how long it typically takes to reach Shodan in Aikikai? Is it time based like other Aiki ryu or is it based on how fast the individual masters the techniques?

  7. Wow! this is what I am aiming at. I mean the quality of your aïkido, not necessarely to be shodan.

  8. that guy is…really tall, look at his size when he’s on his knees. i think he’s 6 ft 3 inches at least. good technic, nice demo

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