25 thoughts on “Aikido tv demo Steven Seagal 80’s”

  1. @nikrok1 Take a look at the hairline on top. Notice how 20 years ago, he had a lot less hair than he does today, at almost 60 years of age. I wonder why…

  2. @Bigboss5 This is just my opinion. SS is a really tall person, so if the majority of his nage’s are shorter than him, I think that he does an extra push with his irimi’s in order to reach their off-balancing point. I have a tall British friend in my dojo who has this same problem.

  3. you’re absolutely right man. It’s essential for him to flip, otherwise his wrist would go to places where his body cant follow. Of course you as a ju jitsu practitioner should understand this more than most of the other posters.

  4. i’m sorry detractors, as a dude from the streets, i know this works BETTER on bigger dudes, so bow down to the seagal.

  5. the person attacking him is doing all the work. in japanese ju jitsu we do alot of wrist and momentum techniques just like this… and it only looks nice when your working with someone that knows how to throw themselves.

  6. Seagal is so much better than tessier, tessier is a showboater!! Steves aikido is Real and he does all the techniques flawlessly!!!

  7. only negative comment i’ve ever read is that Seagal shihan goes through the neck too much with his iriminage. i’m wondering if he’s just making too small a movement to see or if he really is kinda muscling through on that one. gotta say though, i love his kotegaeshi.

  8. didnt he abuse multipul wives and doesn’t he have no relationship with his son kintaro yeah hes lead a great life

    Rixon Gracie once said no one will talk about you side control at you funeral they will remember your character above your technique and if they dont you failed in life

  9. Thank you for posting. What is that Thing He did like bending the attacker backwards an then he drops to the ground?

    Thanks again

  10. Seagal Sensei!!

    thanks for posting….most ppl won’t do a quarter of what he has done…with there lives.

    he is a great one.

  11. I met him some years ago and I can tell you that he is more unique than anything you can imagine ..

  12. Their are so many people who dislike him, for various reasons, but when he was in his prime he was so damn good. He is still “someone who came before me” or my sensei indirectly and I respect him for his style and his abilities.

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