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  1. this music sounds familier to me yet I cant remember from where? can som1 tell me it’s title ?

    About the demo I dont need to comment 🙂

  2. its impossible to throw someone without touching them!!! basic physics, can ANY of his students do it????

  3. its impossible to throw someone without touching them!!! basic physics!!!!!! can ANY of his students do it!!!!?????

  4. You cannot know unless you try 🙂 If a child asks you: how does the sugar taste ? you answer will be something like: well it is sweet, but what is sweet ? Every person has a different feeling for taste. The child must try the sugar to understand it’s taste.

  5. yea it does, its martial art, it has to be held up to a certain standard, otherwise its bad dancing

  6. why does it never look like theyre really attacked in aikido? it almost looks like the people being thrown are throwing themselves, i guess what im getting at is how do you train for combat with your art?

  7. Sorry buddy this guy is not shit. I have trained with him on some of his many visits to Australia and never managed to even get close to him. And if in my clumsiness I happened to come in contact with him it was like running into a brick wall. Some of the training may look a bit fake but you have to experience it to even begin to understand the power that this guy can genenerate.

  8. I truely don’t aim these comments at you, but at Aikido exponents in general.

    In 20+ years of training I have yet to see an Aikido person step into a ring and fight using Aikido. But I am very happy to be corrected on this… Of course Aikido comes from a ‘war art,’ – but it has evolved, as you say, and it still evolves. Evolution of life requires things evolve because they are tested in a living environment. Aikido isn’t tested anymore.
    Good luck with your training.

  9. your not trying to be rude and thank i know you mean well , this is your opinion.
    here is my opinion , if you have been going to training in aikido a long time and still has not found out that its daito ruy aikijujutsu evolved and that it is war art , a budo as much as any other jutsu , then hyou have been kiding yourself not me.

  10. “aikido is as usable as anything,” – fair enough, walk down to your local judo or jiu jitsu club and try some stuff then in a grappling/sparring environment. I’m sure they would welcome you (unfortunately as fresh meat as opposed to anything else).
    Hey – Aikido is enjoyable I have done it for a very long time. Just train for the enjoyment, but please if you ever teach Aikido be careful using the above comments, because you would be misleading your students.

  11. let me paint you a picture that is true, go watch daito ruy aikijujutsu at first glance you think its superior to aikido because it has more techniques and locks also death blows, when you keep watching more and more you realise infact aikido is daito ruy but more and more fluid containing only key techniques but you will learn the more techniques later on your own because one leads to another. Aikido is not a half watered down daito ruy , its daito ruy evolution led to aikido through mori.

  12. do not say that it needs heavy anything this and that, aikido is equally acheivable as any other art but you could instead say that it is an art and not just a sport, but anything on this earth requires effort, however! aikido is as usable as anything, i got only 6yh kyu and enjoy taisabaki all the time in my life , wich is the body movement practice,. To use an art it does not nessecarly have to be inside a fight.

  13. Hey OldAikiDog – I think you are correct in that last comment Aikido does tend to eclipse other styles as you progress this (in my humble opinion) is due to a heavy mental and spiritual requirement to really master it. Few other styles can say this. Oh! I do agress that Aikido can be used in self defense it is just that if you do a martial art for that just purpose their are better martial arts out there for it.

  14. meiers – I don’t know if Takeda-Sensei is doing a particular style. He’s currently director of Aikido Kenkyukai International and of the Shonan Aikido Renmei in Kamakura, Japan, where he teaches. He is also a member of the Aikikai Board of Directors at Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. As an Aikikai board member his is Aikikai, but that is not an Aikido style, it’s an organization. What he is demonstrating in the vid is classic Aikido, defined by his personality & body type. Soft, powerful & beautiful.

  15. attilaclark – Competitive sports fighting has weight divisions to even the playing field. A real fight doesn’t allow for such a thing. In Aikido, for example, the natural advantage goes to the “victim” especially if they are smaller than the attacker. After a certain amount of time, you will find that Aikido will eclipse your other learned styles. Aikido contains other MA’s but they do not contain Aikido.

  16. attilaclark – Aikido is an extremely effective & efficient means of self-defense – see my other comment here – it is not a “fighting sport”, but a means of dealing with life-or-death situations. I also came from other arts. At 60+, w/almost 40 yrs Aikido, I tell you to keep doing it. Now that you’re 40 & as you age, you will find it a better style for you because it doesn’t require having a Bruce Lee 6-pack; the weak, small, & elderly can protect themselves with it.

    see next post.

  17. As another afterthought, I’m now in my 60’s & have almost 40 yrs in Aikido and, sadly, I have had to use it to protect myself several times. Happily, it successfully allowed me to prevail. Although it is a “do” form, it is still an extremely effective fighting “style”. Every fighting art should be an personal expression as you reach the higher ranks & that is shown by the differences in all different teachers – each has his/her own unique style of Aikido or other arts.

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