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  1. @KJGates (…) So the jitsu guy mounted on the body of aiki guy and you could hear some “oh my God” in the audience. I thought it was over. Suddenly he fell to the side. The aikidoist caught him in a key and he hit the ground 3 times. I’m not aikido, but it definitely convinced me.

  2. @KJGates not really. The attacks of aikido are a synthesis of many types of attacks. Whether using open hand, fist or feet what is important in aikido is the trajectory. I had a chance to see a challenge of a black belt aikidoist versus a black belt jiu jistu. The latter tried to punch, drop and grab the aiki guy in arm locks. Simply did not work. In the end, both fell to tatami. (…)

  3. “the problem is when an attacker doesn’t do what YOU want him to”, on the flip side when the training works wonders “the attacker will do exactly what you want him too, not hurt you,… or himself”..

  4. @athanasiadis24 … better question… What is O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba smoking??? this cat is delusional… any tough skilled aggressive individual could flatten this midget… I’m not saying he is a lie, just not so great…

  5. @blacksashman OBVIOUSLY you searched:
    1. Aikdo
    2. Morihei Ueshiba
    and posted that shit in all videos you could get your hands on.
    Stupid idiotm you’ve stated before that you don’t care about whether we believe you or not. Mathematicaly this leads to the question? WHY DO YOU POST IN THE FIRST PLACE?!
    I don’t know…perphaps…YOU’RE A SPAMMER?!

  6. @unikad this is just a problem of time.the more you train the better you’ll become.technique againist punch is easy after you know the techinque from grabs.thechnique againist kicks is the easyest ever but is very dangerous for uke.

    I give you an example..if you practice 1 year katate dori iriminage, you’ll need 1 week to learn the technique from puch and 2 days for kick.also, speed comes after precision.keep training.peace!

  7. @Cyb3rus The question is: Why you must beat your Sensei? He dont want to beat you, he want to teach you the way of peace, the way of love, if you think that is not for you is easier just to leave the dojo. More, I dont’ believe you can beat your sensei, is impossible to beat somebody that just avoid the fight! You’ll end fighting against nothing…

  8. All respect to Ueshiba but the reality was that he was about 4 ft. 10 and even when young…would have a problem dealing with good fighters.
    You can clearly see that in this demo…(which people unfortunately think is all real)….his students are allowing him to do what he is doing to them…they are totally throwing themselves and not resisting his movements at all.
    As Bruce Lee said about this type of MA..the problem is when an attacker doesn’t do what YOU want him to.

  9. To those who understand aikido there´s no need to explain why uke is falling without touching (altough I don´t personally like this execution ´cause you should learn it as realistic as possible), but for better reputation for public maybe it should be shown more realistic way. Just my opinion. Some may have different opinion, that´s alright. I know O´sensei´s great!

  10. I love aikido and I´m myself a student of aikido. But what I miss a bit is more dealing with kicks and punches. A lot of years you learn how to react on uke´s body energy when he´s moving with his torzo. But what do I do if I have to react on fast and strong punches or kicks?

  11. Also ich finde O Sensei war ja echt der Wahnsinn… Ich vermute, er würde jeden einzelnen von uns in Grund und Boden hauen.. Oder eben nicht, in Grund und Boden werfen eher^^ aber einige von den Ukes fallen ja schon um, nur weil er eben O Sensei ist O.o Da will er nen Iriminage machen und berührt den anderen nicht mal und er fliegt erstmal ne Meile.. Was soll das denn O.o Als ob O Sensei das nötig hätte..

  12. @br1st3w EXCELLENT QUOTE, SPOT ON!!! BRAVO!!! Noobs CANNOT distinguish the difference between being a killing machine, and “being a killing machine” that DO NOT KILL, a machine that uses his energy for love and happiness…… Thanks for your quote mate!

  13. illini that is because o sensei is not doing a demonstration of strenght he is showing techniques. in aikido u can’t show a real attack in a demonstration or the ppl there would get seriously damaged or even cripple.

  14. @ 888binis888
    well, the problem is i did some sparring with my sensei. it was not an estimation but an experience that i can beat my sensei.
    its well answered of you to say aikido is non competitive and i agree. Thats why we sparred with determined roles: i was attacking as i wanted and he was defending. I was always falling when i made simple attacks but as i attacked in a better way he mostly got hit hard.

  15. @Cyb3rus also i dont believe you can beat your sensei my friend.thats just in your mind.try to challenge him and you will see.

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