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  1. if someone use aikido for self defense on streets is very probably that break his arm because the enemy dont know how to fall and he start to move or try escape and that makes that his arm breack

  2. @SuperPal2010 Remember, any black belt Aikido master knows basic ground grappling, chokes and arm locks. Any black belt Aikido master knows how to evade punches and kicks. If a person tries to punch her, she can evade and perform techniques of small joint manipulation. If that does not work and the fight proceeds to the ground, a good Aikido master can use that towards his/her advantage and submit the person on the bottom.

  3. I am a former judoka and I respect and love Aikido. I wish I could have learned it back in the day. Aikido is not only effective but extremely beautiful.

  4. What is this Lady(blackbelt) going to do if a person punches her @ reasonably speed. Answer nothing except cry like a bitch

  5. @Boonuts12 Yeah, that made no sense. Aikido is not the end all be all that Mr Segal, or a host of other old, fat men would have you believe.

  6. @MrKevMan Though sometimes, when you sleep through your alarm and know in twenty minutes your going to be hungry running out the door, toast is the best thing is a tight and stressful spot such as that.

  7. Aikido is like toast. It goes great with your eggs, but its not breakfast by itself.

    Aikido is a good style to study for a few years to be a more well rounded martial artist by adding escapes, locks, and throws to your arsenal.

    I also hate this chick. Shes done a lot of martial arts shows and shes such a prissy dainty waif, she really cant hold her own for shit.

  8. Jpsette sucks so badly. She had that one series where she always wore a turtle neck tank top, and a stupid supressed camera smile.

    Plus aikido is pretty much the pickle of martial arts. Its nice to include, but you cant make a meal of it.

  9. @aa3gunner
    Cool way to put it.
    Now let me take out my gun and shoot you in the brains outside the dojo.

  10. @mepanousis
    That depends on how hard they have trained and skill levels as well as experiences. No doubt a light weight boxer can knock out anyone but yet again, every form of combat art has its uses. Aikido for example is actually being used by many security and police agencies. Eventhough now we have karate , taekwondo , judo , sanda kickboxing , muay thai kickboxing , boxing and many others , that does not mean one is weaker against the other. All depends on the user, skills and experience

  11. Nothing of this can work on anybody that uses basic stand position. You have to let your arms and body free , in other words to help the teacher perform the throws.A boxer would aim for the chin with a very fast direct and the wrestler would aim for the mid section for a brutal take down.The stand up position of many martial arts is very wrong as basically demands faster reflections and an equal body type opponent.A light weight boxer can really kill on the streets even the most muscle guy.

  12. My only problem with this is that they chose a martial artist to host this not a fighter, you can tell she has some experience but never in a combat situation in or out of the ring, also she’s boring as hell and hardly athletic.

  13. Im not sure if many people know, but you cant look it up on yt theres no vids on it i dont think, but the offensive style of aikido is called teraikido, it goes much further than defense and sword fighting.

  14. Some of the worst angling as far as translation and editing goes I’ve ever seen…
    Love Aikido but this is kind’a rude and the lady in question has no basics at all…

  15. THis is dancing. Not combat. “Here I am! Twist my arm and throw me around! Let’s dance!”

    Pffft. Muay Thai 4 Life

  16. youtube, of all sources, is the least accurate representation of what good schools and good aikido practitioners out there. if you’ve truly done your research, you should have been aware of this already. plenty can also=plenty of mediocre examples.

  17. @EndDepravity – It does work, given that the average person are not good fighters or fighters at all. People don’t want to fight but if they have to, they will and they usually fight with an emotion such as rage. Any martial arts can applicable b/c it teaches you techniques and skills and to be calm so you obvious have an advantage over some people. It is the same with boxers. It doesn’t matter how old you are, boxing skills give you a huge advantage over the average person.

  18. Ive seen plenty of youtube videos of aikido guys getting smacked around. I’ve trained judo and now I’m learning bjj. I research before I start training in anything.

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