25 thoughts on “Aikido master – Shihan Tissier – Iriminage”

  1. @davider90 yeah I have tried it and I think it is stupid. I have grappled with an aikido practitioner and I made him cry like a bitch

  2. @packoftwenty: well, you might be right. But since, as you mentioned, there is no video in existence of an aikidoka defending against an attacker that knows how to attack, you might also be wrong. Logically, neither case can be proved if we are only using youtube videos as our evidence. It would be difficult to follow an aikidoka around with a camera hoping to catch him being attacked. That would be the only real way to see if Aikido can truly defend against a random attack.

  3. @davider90 Yes, I’m SURE an “aikido master” would break my arm – probably after I’ve broken his nose?
    Why isn’t there ONE video in existence of an “aikido master” defending attacks from somebody who KNOWS HOW TO ATTACK?
    Aikido doesn’t work, that is the HUGE problem you cult members have to deal with. What is the point of learning a martial art which doesn’t work?
    Watch Edgar vs Penn and then tell me that TOSSier could stop Edgar from breaking his jaw. You are delirious.

  4. @fightluv
    Have you ever tried Aikido? I’ve been training Aikido for years, and I promise you one thing! If you try to hit an aikido master you wouldn’t know up from down and probably end up with a broken arm. And anyway, this is a demonstration and not a competition, uke (the reciever of the technique) is trained and thought to not resist and do nice looking and safe falls. If you DO resist in theese types of techniques, you are likely hurt yourself.

  5. @Petieagle – i agree. Which is exactly why Aikido is all about non – resistance. These techniques are all about blending with and redirecting an opponent’s ki. You don’t actually think that this is a “sparring match” or a contest do you?

  6. Lol, I suck at irmi nage.. but this vid makes it look so good, I’m actually motivated to improve on it. nice one man!

  7. It was yesterday training …. great …. i loved the training yesterday and i love this video right now … …

  8. Prescript-ed ??? ok, when u realy know something about martial arts you can say something about it….this falls, if he didnt fall, his kneck or pulse get broked….

  9. i’ve always wanted to learn aikido especially cause i’m a big steven seagal fan & he’s a 7th dan black belt aikidoka.

  10. Iriminage means entering throw so what you can see in the video is the opponent attacking you and you use his/her momentum then when he gets back up you can do the entering throw… It’s like clothesline the more momentum you have the more harder you fall… that’s where wrestling got it from.. I’m aikidoka and studying hard to master this. Its my favorite move

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