25 thoughts on “Aikido – Kobayashi Hirokazu 8th dan_inThonon 1982”

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAH OMG HE IS WONDERFULL its unbelivible !!! his kokyu are enormissimes !!! i love him omg xd

  2. @netwolff
    yes, ,martial dance! Lots of fun. I´ll grant you the dresses in Tango class are sexier. No telling about your partners.

  3. @bandedecloches
    Aikido is a very stylized, esoteric version of jujutsu, and what is wrong with that? You can safely practise Aikido til old age, with great benefits in health, control, balance etc. I´d like to see an octogenerian cage fighter…

    These arguments “my MA is better than your MA” are stupid. If you absolutely want to win, bring a gun to your cage fight.

  4. It is lethal if you transform the initial aikido move enough to kill the aikido move itself … before anyone else (if it is even possible)

    How many Aikido practitionners have I heard telling that if a master or an aiki expert wanted, he could do this and that …. I still wait for a demo in a UFC cage

    They should make peace with the idea of non efficiency in real fight, as they have choosen a non violent way of self knowledge

  5. yes. it is lethal….
    just like goa103 said, if you want to make it like a dance, that is just what you will see…
    but if tori have bad intention towards uke… it will hurt.

    i dont think aikido is myth… its pure knowledge…
    whether we can perform it properly is the big question….

  6. I think it works both ways. If uke dances it means tori is probably dancing too, so not doing its work properly. Everybody dance, it’s Saturday Night Aïkido 😀

  7. in this beautiful dance hidden a lethal technique, and look how this master able to move it like a dance, very relax and with smile… 🙂

  8. nice to know that there are likeminded people,Polimeno is a sad excuse for a student of Kobayashi sensei,even for aikido in total.flon was my teacher,amazing style,power and love for kobayashi sensei.loves nikkyo ass well!!!

  9. Kobayashi is amazing. I also started a year after his death in 1998. Actually Cognard sensei is his best student. But there are other brilliant descendants of Kobayashi; Savegnago, Leman, Salvadego, Flon. I went to the seminars with all of them and Polimeno was the only one who actually sucked.

  10. Hi freud89

    the partner on the video is André Gognard when he was young. He has his own dojo in France. You can find him in youtube as well, just search by his name.

  11. Wunderful!! I kwen m° Savegnago in italy, kobayashi’s student, is he the uke of m° Kobayashi in this video?

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