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  1. @LaserKittensGoPewPew But apparently you DO have an idea how ferocious it would be in ‘teh real’? How exactly can you know that if it’s never practiced with a resisting opponent?

  2. this is delusional shit man….. so much garbage here, very little aplicable knowledge…

  3. if in life and death situation and u have to use the full potential of the skills in aikido, Goodbye arm, Goodbye body parts. techniques in the Dojo is just like 5%? or 10%

  4. aikido is a very effective and ferocious martial art, however with picking somebody up, and then miraculously they are 2 tonnes heavier, is not physically possible, you cannot add weight to your human form with a simple thought….but again, have alot of respect for these guys, and in real life, you would not mess with a true aikido expert…….

  5. @1makedon1 what are some flaws you see in this aikido that makes it so different from than the origonal?

  6. @MrMZaccone That’s NOT true. Saotome, Yamada, Isoyama, Yamaguchi, just off the top of my head. Come on. What about Moriteru Ueshiba? Yasuo, Hiroshi, Tsuruzo, Takeshi, Shigeru, the list goes on and on.

  7. @SuperLONARDO Whew! Aren’t you glad you are off the hook, Lonardo? I guess since I practice Aikido and have no wish to stop, I must be damned. I mean, even though in my 19 years of study, no religious study has entered any dojo I have been in, that doesn’t matter. lol.

  8. Nope, you are off the hook. Can’t remeber saying martial arts have something to do with Satan. A bit more complicated than that.

  9. @blacksashman martial arts has nothing to do with satan so stop bullshiting ppl i love my father(GOD) and i do jiu jitsu …..am i a demon now?LOL

  10. @blacksashman After seeing the Ueshiba Archmage shit they’ll believe you. Yes.

  11. More like early brothers in the Satnic New Age deception, see Useshiba Archmage comments section ‘know thine enemy’

  12. Satanic New Age Maitreya worship in the martial arts, see Ueshiba Arcgmage comments section if you do’t believe me.

  13. @purplesaxark Gozo Shioda from Yoshinkan, more pre-war “hard” style, closer to Daito Ryu

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