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  1. @legitmindz123 yeah man, just look up Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu. That is where modern aikido has it’s roots as an applied fighting style. I think it was the Edo period after the unification of Japan when all the jutsu’s became ways (do), when they had time to look at the philosophy behind the application, when it became a path to enlightenment. Too many people look at the modern application and neglect the old roots which is wrong when trying to criticise… screw them,& anyone that looks like them

  2. @shakou1 sir i am new to this chat but i totally agree with you . i have learned that very few people even know of aiki-jiujitsu it is something strange to mma guys sad a learn artist will destroy the ufc with it. I train family only that style.

  3. @jackalfajack Actually, you are mistaken. Japan for example, they are specifically known to use Aikido, because it is used to restrain people without seriously injuring them. Sure it could be used for killing, but so can a frying pan. You should read into the martial arts as a whole, not just the combat.

  4. Again(you are bringing the worst out in me here) If it was a street battle, how much of your chosen art would actually be used? not much mate, thats a cert. It would end up a standard messy fight. you can’t compare 1 style to another, when you grow up and hopefully mature then you might learn this little fact…..Just 1 point to make on this, it always seems to be the kung fu and MMa sector that slate aikido, what is it with you boys, do you not like our skirts or something? 🙂

  5. Man are you for real? Do you really think aikido has no martial application in it? If you study (and I mean study,not just turn up at a dojo and go thru the motions) then you would retract this idiotic statement and sit in shame. yes, it is not straight forward pugilism, It is a difficult art to master and thats why aikido dojos tend not to be full of knuckheads and punchers, you need to go and do some serious research mate, look for some applied aikido/aiki-jiujitsu

  6. The style evolved to self defence and harmony but it never started that way. Osensei had his moments before he chose a “better” path after the war years but prior to that he had killed people in combat using aiki style. It is all based around early jiu-jitsu and sword work, so with that in mind please do not be under the illusion that aikido has not flowered from ancient roots.

  7. in this case the match simply is unblanced . Martial arts competitions are based on weight and belt-GRADE ^_^ so plz ,avoid such stupid question. In real life everithing is possible obviously, even that a lion get killed by a zebra back-kick ^_^ : but that does’t mean the zebra is STRONGER than a lion . However presonally i wounldn’t bet a single cent on a match between same exp fighters from aikido and exmpl. muai thai,because aikido is’t made exclusively for fighting .

  8. But if an aikido fighter who is much experienced goes up against a boxer who is having his first match,who is bound to win?

  9. with the same fighter’s strenght and exp , you’ll see the weaker style … just as in car races ^_^

  10. i agree with your obsarvation ,but i was just underling the BIG difference between a style developed for seldefence and spirit armony & a style developed for kill and proved by thousands years of fighting experience… useless to say that kung fu and its many styles represent the most complete way of hand fighting and spiritual balance.I practice hung har,tai chi, basic shaolin and basic wing tsun,and i have friends who practice aikido,so i can personally confirm what i said before .

  11. We don’t grab jabs though. We deflect them as we go for the body. Jodan tsuki irimi nage and ikkyo teach this, weapons work teaches this. This is common knowledge amongst Aikidoka. When are you non-Aikidoka going to catch up with what we really do? Seriously, there are vids of Segal (of all people) showing how Aikidoka deal with boxers and it doesn’t involve catching punches.

  12. First of all nobody ever said (just you) that Aikido is not made to kill: with that martial art you are able to do that but you knowingly choose to avoid it.
    Then, I am sure that you would lose your haughtiness with your wrists broken, and the rest of your body alive.
    Killing is not the answer: you are a fanatic.

  13. respect doesn’t exclude comparison,opinion,or criticism…is at the base of them!
    tecnically speaking it’s nearly impossible to grab a sudden box-jab in it’s speed,i train to do that by 10 years,and belive me,it’s when your opponent has the same ability that you can appreciate the effectiveness of a tecnique:aikido would lose against almost any type of stile,because it wasn’t created as a mortal fighting style,but as an ibrid between grab stiles(jin na)and health disciplines.

  14. I would really like to see Mike Tyson getting his wrists broken. Or yours. Nobody insults the arts you spend time on and give passion to, so bring respect.

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