23 thoughts on “Aikido Classics”

  1. @blacksashman Oh, cry me a river! Are you SERIOUSLY spamming and trolling Aikido videos? How LAME. If you are a Christian, it’s guys like you that give us a bad name. If you want REAL evidence of pedophilia, you have to look no further than the Catholic cult.

  2. @DunderFizken91 try it and then comment me…
    is cool and soft for children and fornot competitive people .

  3. @DunderFizken91 try it and then sayme your coments.

    soft and cool for children and not competitive people alternative martian art

  4. im a kyokushin karate-do fighter, and I respect all kind of martial arts. but akido seems soo.. fake?

  5. the beginning of morihei ueshiba’a part with the stuck was hardcore
    he was the best by far

  6. el mejor arte marcial q a existido….q bueno el video de o zencey y dicipulos muy buena demostracion…..aishiteru nijon

  7. My favorite move of al in Aikido is the Yonkyo. Yonkyo’s a very interesting move. Did you see how that guy taped out to Yonkyo? LMAO Poor guy.

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