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  1. There is a very good UFC fighter (sorry I forget his name) but he is sh*t hot. He got Steven Seagall to train him in aikido for a few fights. You can get some of the training on you tube and you can see how superior aikido (when done well) can be. All forms of
    Martial arts will connect in some way. So to say aikido is nothing like MMA shows your ignorance.

  2. Aikido is certainly anachronistic, it is also Satanistic believe it or not. Satanic New Age no less. And you thought Ueshiba’s cult attempts to create ‘a golden age of Maitreya’ was just ‘kooky’?

  3. @shreder1500
    your movement and redirection of the persons attack is what causes the person to go off balance. Jujitsu, American Kempo, and JKD/Kali are great disciplines to practice if you don’t like the tradition and dry land swimming of Aikido…lol..(no offense)

  4. Man I love when people are arguing about is aikido practical or not. The fact is that when you learn all those techniques, movements and falls you apply it on the given situation. If a man who has some boxing techniques tries to attack me, am not going to think what techniques to use, i just use instinctivly of the arsenal i have learnt. And any normal person would first try to avoid conflict, and use it only if necessary.

  5. The reason Aikido is generally not practical is because it is an anachronism; it’s base was created and used for general purpose defense against weapon wielding(mainly sword) opponents. Hence, when an aikido practitioner comes across a judo player or boxer…he/she is completely confused that actions aren’t CUT and dry. No directly linear or circling movements easily predicted because there isn’t something(long weapon) to focus on. Weapon=predictable/Whole body=unpredictable

  6. @PrincessAlicia1990
    you go! I’ve been doing it since i was 5 and I definitely know what you’re talking about.

  7. Notice that in most films the aikido is being shown as a demonstration. It is your opponent that makes the flip, he jumps so you don’t break any of his bones.
    The best way to learn aikido is to find a good sensei. I don’t mean someone with a higher belt. I mean a real sensei that honors values and tradition, a sensei that teaches you the way of aikido and iaido, you can’t learn the one without the other. They come and go together as 1 in harmony.
    Good luck

  8. you have to have take it easy, dont use your muscles and too much enery during the training, you should learn how to fall i mean rolling the the kyu tecniques come, it takes some time. but be careful dont use your muscles during the training, in aikido you use the energy of the person on himself, not yours.
    good luck

  9. Some things that I could really recommend to you is to just RELAX. Let stuff come to you, accept what you get and do something that uses the force that your partner gives to you, in stead of doing something that looks neat or that you want to force upon the other.
    Also: don’t focus on getting the “force” to “flip” someone. Use your body, your positioning, and movements that BYPASS your partner’s resistance in stead of pushing against it. Don’t force, but LOOK and USE the way of LEAST resistance.

  10. That stuff is complicated, so don’t expect to “just get it”. There’s no magical fix. You’ll just have to learn, and you’ll just have to study. ’cause remember: that’s what aikido is, a study, not in fighting, but in movement, position, using the force that you get in stead of “forcing” something. And that’s just what you’ll have to learn, slowly but surely. It’ll take years and years, but that’s just how aikido is.

    Remember: it’s the PROGRESS, the PROCESS that’s more important than the results.

  11. im trying to learn aikido, and its just not working out for me, i just started aikido classes and the place got shut down for lease problems… now i have nothing lol. anyone have some advice? also, when im trying to get the force to flip someone, it never happens, the force isnt great enough to make them flip, in the videos i watch it looks like they arent even using much force at all to flip people.

  12. Most people in a fight are only dangerous with one hand…that’s a fact …it’s not hard with a little training in any martial art to thwart that right hand or left hand punch..the poise to do it without freezing up is most of it.


    Finally, someone who’s actually taken it can say what anyone in the world who is not biased can easily see. And no one can tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Aikido is a bunch of bullshit when presented as self-defense.

  14. I agree with fumanchudude. I believe in aikido that You just expect the person to fall, and aikijujutsu makes you fall. The “do” means the way of, more like a watered down version if the “jutsu”. I respect the art of aikido but I just want to explain where fumanchudude was coming from because I believe the same way.

  15. if your an idiot, yes. (not calling you one)

    The point of aikido is pretty much the first two steps. get out of the line of attack, get opponents off balance. and doing this with minimal effort. To do that you need to understand the human body, its strengths and weaknesses, stands, chi (also known as your body weight at least for beginners).

    the throws, wrist lock, catching punches are not important at all in most techniques. those things are used to study ur and the opponents body.

  16. well, technically the technique to use a baseball bat and a samurai sword are very similar.

    how bjj or judo gonna protect you any bette?

    no one said you are suppose to catch a punch. If you cant then dont. one of the reasons you practice is to know what are you capabilities.

    the most common strike by an untrained aggressor is a wide round punch, which is pretty much the easiest strike to defend against. and there are many techniques in aikido to do so.

    but you missing the point.

  17. If you studdied so much then you should know that you can. There is only so many ways that a human body can move and so many ways that it can attack. The stylized attacks we practice are nothing more then planes of attack. In aikido we practice principles, in a real situation the art comes out difrrently you may not get a full kotegaeshi on some one.

  18. i do aikido since i was 8 years old and i can tell you that you can defend yourself with it
    i’m a small girl (about 5 feet = 1,51meters) and i had some real situations in which i was able to defend myself against much bigger guys without getting hurt….

  19. i think you dont really understand aikido. catch a punch and aply a kotegaeshi? who teached you that? aikido is not about catching punches and aply techniches. sorry about my english

  20. You are living in a fantasy land Randy. I did aikijujutsu for several years. Along with judo and bjj which I still currently do. Aikido is not realistic self defense. It was for an unarmed samurai against an armed samurai. But some guy today with a baseball bat is not going to attack you in the same manner as a samurai would with a katanna. Im sorry. You cant catch a punch and apply a kotegaeshi in real life. You just cant.

  21. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Someone at his level can perform those techniques against multiple attackers in a real world situation. The reason you don’t see that style in something like MMA for instance is that the philosophy of aikido is peace & harmony & not attack.

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