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  1. I was in a 3rd kyu ranking when i involved in a car accident few years ago.That guy walked out swearing at me & point a finger right up my face.I used only 2 techniques, that was iriminage & tenchinage.Few of the bystanders stop the fight when i was in the middle of doing tenchinage to him.He got bruises & cut on his face(i do not know how & when he got that), it happens to fast but i’m sure he didn’t even touch me! In a real fight, with Aikido, I experienced it!

  2. Aikido is a martial art of self defense.What u learn in dojo is a variations of this art.U might not use everthing that u learned on the street.Few of this basic techniques r very useful but to master & understand it u need to learn variations of techniques(with patience) in this art & it takes 4-5 years to really used it on the street when it is needed.Whatever negative comments about it, i’m sure aikidoka will learn these:1)caution 2)distance 3)reflex 4)speed 5) stability & 6)timing.

  3. In a actual confrontation atemi may be necessary, Aikidoka that ignore this, or do not have any training in striking are likely to be surprised when the rubber meets the road.

    Few of us have the time or ability to attain a level where atemi can be eliminated from our execution.

  4. @ToumasuKun Interesting question. From my point of view, it looks like this technique is good for a punch counter, or if he has his lead hand extended too far. It may also be a good go-to move if you grab his wrist and try pushing (for let’s say a figured 4/Americana takedown) and he resists successfully. Just an observation.

  5. at 1:03 you grab his wrist and pull him towards you, am i right? doesnt that make it easy to counter? every selfish action you take is dangerous no?

  6. @Nagarpo, I belong to Aikikai, but I wouldn’t say that what I show on this particular video clip is basic Aikikai. Actually, Aikikai is an organization, and not really a style. Within Aikikai you can see very different ways of doing aikido.

  7. I’m new on Aikido so I want to ask… Is this the classic aikido style (Aikikai, right?) or is another one? Thanks 😀

  8. I’m more into traditional Aikido but their atemi here is nicely than. Would not underestimate this guys.

    Heads up! =)

  9. @Iaazathoth I think a great dancer would be just as safe as an aikidoka if he/she got jumped and just started dancing. I’ve seen many white belts with a history in dance do awesome randori/jiyuwaza.

  10. @IamXrayy prove it! go ahead, provide me with legit government articles that prove this information. Aikido is a very beautiful art but I don’t think its very effective.

  11. @Iaazathoth I totally agree..most people dont want to see or practice this part in Aikido.. because (they think) that this has nothing to do with harmonizing and does not fit in their view and knowledge of the art of non violence. A pacifist is not really a pacifist if he is unable to make a choice between violence and non-violence.

  12. Ueshiba said himself that Aikido is nothing without atemi.

    I know it is fashionable in some aikido circles to make aikido into something else, but that is not aikido, at least not as taught by the founder.

    Ueshiba stated that in a real fight it is 70% atemi and 30% other waza. If all you are focussing on is the 30% other waza, then when you need atemi, you will fail.

    Either you try to understand all aspects of budo or you are only practicing a dance.

  13. What has aim to armonize? You? Your school? Or the Oomoto crap?

    If you want to apply aiki in combat situation you have to cut round corner. If you can not apply what you trained for in combat then it is no Budo. Training like they do, in this video, is a good way to remember what are the applications. It is good Budo. It is Aikido.

    Also if a attacker is truly violent, a atemi to the groin is a good way to armonize him.

  14. And what is aikido? Rather then a system of some techniques, aikido is some kind of principles, learning how to control a space around you, learning how to find a weak position in an attacker´s motion. And atemi is a huge part of aikido. It doesn´t mean you have to break somebody´s nose, does it? In the early days of aikido atemi were used much more than nowadays. That´s why aikido´s said to have no end. Aikido is principles with a help of techniques application.

  15. Hey guys I know what Atemi means and what an Atemi is use for. But in Aikido the aim is to armonize with the energy of the attack, so the Tori/Nage will immobilize the Uke using the force of the attack by stablishing a correct balance, timing and maai.
    So breaking noses, ribs, genitals and etc, can look cool but it´s not Aikido.

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