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  1. I like you’re style, Aikido is a great and effective style and can be combined with many other styles like Jui Jitsu and eskrima and etc.

  2. @kapoof2 “MMA” is a sport you obviously arent there to kill each other but those survival moves are vital to learn…..in my opinion those are the best techniques unfortunatly we cant watch some1s eye get poked out every week in an MMA fight

  3. @giovannialvarez what is easiest and what is best are two different things, u want to know what is easy? kicking someone in the groin, stomping their foot, jabbing their throat, poking their eyes, smashing their ears, these are survival moves that any MMA fighter would succumb to in a survival situation

  4. @kapoof2 or even roy “big country” nelson who comes from a kung fu background, yet he is an excellent grappler as well…..being a mixed martial artist doesnt mean you have to tally up professions in every martial art possible…..it means youre a fighter and you just use whats easiest and best for you to win a fight….bruce lee came up with this idealogy and his “Jeet Kune Do” philosophy is very effective when used and understood right. youre simply a FIGHTER in mma thats it.

  5. @kapoof2 i disagree, most of the “new” people choose the bjj/muay thai combo for mma because it is the easiest to put together. but there are alot of good mma guys that practice other martial arts and apply them affectively…..for example Cung Le is very good at the sparring version of kung fu (i cant recall the name), or karo parisyan who is a judo master and applies his judo techniques very effectively in mma

  6. @billysue2 but what im saying is that “mixed” martial arts isnt very mixed, there are hundreds of styles to choose from, yet everybody has bjj/wrestling, and kickboxing/muy thai

  7. @kapoof2 boxing is far more dominant in the cage than thai if you watch many fights.If I wanted to get ready for a fight and had no experience id traing boxing before thai to go with the bjj and wrestling.

  8. @Hicktownwy that would be because the vast majority of trad arts are proven shite.Tradition in the martial arts is almost synonymous with untested,do what youre told without any proof,worship some fat cunt master crap.MMA isnt at all bjj based,bjj is mostly the ground work only since its the proven best ground art.

  9. Nice to see traditional martial arts being demonstrated positively here in a combative application. Nice work Mr. Instructor, very nice work.

  10. @Hicktownwy totally right, it seems nowadays its all brazillian jiu jitsu and muay thai, how mixed can that be?

  11. Nice! What a good example of aikido’s sankyo in a bjj frame of reference. Took me two views to see it. Thanks!

  12. @imthebigbadwolf Ahh I see what you mean, Aikido defending against predictable techniques and the attacker co-oporates with the defender during practice. Might dislocate joints if they don’t though. i think it’s about feeling movement/force/weight so might still be effective regardless as the defender can feel/see the direction of movement and use the attackers force against them no matter which way it’s going or changing.

  13. @imthebigbadwolf Aikido isn’t about resistance, it’s about using your attckers energy/weight. Check out NInjitsu, similar concept.

  14. @EvilLeprecon20
    aikikai – the most “traditional”…but in fact aikido is aikido, principles are the same 🙂

  15. there are two ways to do a bjj move… try to force it on your opponent, or let them flow into your technique. Aikido principles are the same ones used in the latter. The only thing I don’t like about aikido training is how ridiculous the attacks are… meaning without resistance. If they would put more effort into resisting the technique they could become good very fast. Until then it’s just theory.

  16. @caio933 If you train Aikido, it will only help your BJJ – it’ll teach you to be fluid, elusive, and get people to the ground with very little force. Aikido has some very nasty finishes as well.

  17. HI!. Vt stands for Ving Tsun kind of kung fu, do not confuse with Wing Chun – it differes from VT.

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