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  1. @ellok230 hey moron thats a loud of crap. jui jitsu you can actually use. all you do in akido is throw a guy who is running at you with outstretched arms jui jitsu can kick akidos ass any day.

  2. Akido is no good it only works if your figghting a guy who fights with his arms stretched out to grab you basicly this style only works on zombies

  3. @ijparky yeah i dont know how true the shitting his pants thing is. ive heard lots of variations to this story. people who hate aikido or segal say he was being a dick on set and being too rough with stuntmen so labelle taught him a lesson. another version, he asked labelle to apply a rear naked choke and claimed he could fight thru it and failed. and everything inbetween those two extremes. labelle mentions it in his book i believe, so the truth is probably in that book as it was not filmed

  4. @anonarob yeah i get that. when you practice against your own style, it really only develops defences that are mainly valid against only that style or similar styles. you need to spar with all styles, muay thai, bjj, judo, many forms of chinese boxing, western boxing, tkd etc etc if you want to be well rounded and truly effective in real life situations. when you only train with your own style you get locked into that particular groove and render urself inefective against other styles.

  5. @SynS7ven the idea with the throw is that is you did try to stop the flip your arm would break. but yes its pretty much staged for the demo. wouldnt want to be breaking limbs in a demo lol

  6. didnt segal get choked out by gene labelle??? i wanna see this used against an unwillling opponent… some is ok, the rest is utter garbage… these guys just keep falling FOR him, not because of him… exept a few times with a few basic tosses every throwing style uses…

  7. @oquas I have heard people say that Judo is more of a sport, so there is probably truth to what you said. Haveing never fought a Judo student, I can’t speak from experience.

  8. @goliuo the opponenet doesn’t throw himself, but he cooperates in practice. you throw them. with resistance the throws don’t look as cool, but since the opponent doesn’t know how to fall right, the throws can break bones.

  9. @truthforchrist hapkido and kung fu are good, but i think judo is too sporty and not as good for self defense. aikido is pretty good though. it works great for grabs and it teaches you how to avoid the attack. sure it would be hard for an aikidoka to throw someone who strikes them normally, but they could easily evade the attack.

  10. @goliuo The question you just asked is something that has caused aikido to come under a lot of critisizm. Aikido works if your opponent charges at you with without punching, or over extends themself. These are 2 things that most people will not do in a fight. You would be better off with a Judo, Hapkido or Kung Fu school. I have done Kung Fu and I do Hapkido now, and both are so much more effective than aikido.

  11. @goliuo from what i know.. and i dunno much you use your opponant force against him so in other im guessing he must throw himself because he just cant control the force you are using against him but as i said i dont know anything so im probably wrong

  12. @martialartguyxxx Fake? You just have to read a little Wikipedia… He is 7th dan black belt and “He is a direct student of Morihei Ueshiba” (From: en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Steven_Seagal)

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